Prostate health, The recombinant plant heterogeneous base of the superfine grinding cell special for prostate disease. Release of highly selective permeability of blood prostate barrier,for the root causes of the occurrence of prostate disease,has a significant killing and inhibiting effect on the increase of IgA and PSA.The treatment of prostate disease is more fundamental.

---3 hour slow release composition technology of prostate health,has a variety of different plant molecular compositions,which has more than 40 patents in the world. The composition is non-toxic and safe, and has the characteristics of safety, natural and effective.

Main ingredient list£º
Saw Palmetto berry extract
Rye pollen

After separation of the cell crushing wall of Saw palmetto berry extract,Lycopene,Rye pollen,combined with the unique patented technology,the fineness is less than or equal to 1¦Ìm , in the process of combination,the temperature is extremely low, without any damage to drug components. The antibacterial activity and structure-activity relationship studies of 23 plants obtained after the combined showed that: 9 isoquinoline plant hormone on prostate specific antigen (PSA) increased significantly inhibited; 5 species of raw fat antibody coated bacteria I steroids on the IgA / LGG has a significant killing effect; 8 kinds of tea phenanthridines phytochemicals can reduce the concentration of uric acid and body in prostatic fluid,in addition, it can also remove the active oxygen components, reduce inflammation, ease pain.

prostate hyperplasia has been obtained in Austria, Germany, Italy, Finland, New Zealand, Mexico, Portugal, South Korea, Spain and Sweden¡¯s clinical demonstration approval before listing. It is used for treating prostatitis and hyperplasia, it is a kind of plant compound which has the strongest penetration of the lipid envelope barrier, safe effect and short half-life. There is no drug interaction with the drug and the prostate.


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